AJC: Group cites immigration law in moving conference from Atlanta

By Laura Diamond, February 27, 2012:

The American Educational Research Association moved its 2013 annual meeting from Atlanta to San Francisco because of Georgia’s new immigration law, the group announced in a news release.

Last year Georgia lawmakers passed House Bill 87, a sweeping anti-illegal immigration law that proponents say will deter illegal immigrants from coming to Georgia and burdening the state’s taxpayer-funded public schools, hospitals and jails.

Critics of the law say it is unconstitutional, and a coalition of civil and immigrant rights groups is challenging it in court.

Modeled after Arizona’s law, Georgia’s measure allows police to investigate the immigration status of certain suspects and punishes people who transport or harbor illegal immigrants. A federal judge put parts of the law on hold, and the state is appealing that decision to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.” Read more …

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