EPT Editorial Board — Cain’s Slur: No, he wasn’t joking

"GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain got only one thing right, and it really didn't even fit into his just-plain-stupid call for an electrified border fence.

After the outcry, mostly in border areas of the country, Cain said, 'America's got to learn to take a joke.'

OK, but not this so-called 'joke.' And we're not sure he was even joking since he was back at his game of calling for an electrified fence soon after.

This was either a statement of ignorance about the border with Mexico or Cain has a burr in his shoe regarding security and immigration reform.

More so, Cain's statement was just plain stupid. An electrified fence along nearly 2,000 miles of our border with Mexico? And a moat with alligators?"  Read more …



One thought on “EPT Editorial Board — Cain’s Slur: No, he wasn’t joking

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