Houston Chronicle: ICE blamed for Texas parolee law delay

"The state has been unable to enforce a new law designed to increase the deportations of illegal immigrants from the Texas prison system amid concerns that federal immigration officials are unprepared to handle the anticipated influx of convicted criminals, state officials said.

Under the new law, which was scheduled to take effect Sept. 1, state prisoners who are granted parole and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials must either be deported or leave the country voluntarily – or risk being returned to state custody to serve out the remainder of their sentences.

The law was crafted to address a vexing problem identified by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, which reported granting parole to some illegal immigrants and turning them over to ICE – only to later learn that they were not removed from the country, said state Rep. Jerry Madden, R-Plano.

Madden, chairman of the House Corrections Committee, said the law also aims to save taxpayers millions of dollars by paroling primarily 'low-risk, nonviolent' prisoners who are in the country illegally after they become eligible for parole."  Read more …



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