Houston Chronicle: Latino leaders threaten to leave GOP over electrify border fence idea

From the Houston Chronicle today: 

Voter ID laws didn’t do it. Texas’ sanctuary cities proposal didn’t do it.

But Herman Cain’s proposal for an electrified border fence may be enough to push Lauro Antonio Garza, state director of Somos Republicans, out of the GOP.

In an essay posted on the group’s Web site entitled, “GOP Leadership: Reprehensible,” Garza wrote:

“Today, we find the Republican Party has strayed from its roots and its founding principals so far that they can no longer be seen. We saw this yesterday, in the glare of broad daylight, when a leading presidential candidate, Herman Cain, not once, but twice, advocated for the murder of innocent people and that was met with cheers!”

He closed:

“Ronald Reagan left the Democrat Party saying they had left him. Perhaps, I shall do the same because the Republican Party has become radical and unreasonable. President Reagan must be tumbling in his grave!”

Cain, who pushed the idea of the electrified fence over the weekend and has mentioned it before, later said he was joking.

Garza wrote, “Nobody here is laughing!”

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