San Antonio Express News: House GOP calls new immigrant detention ‘Holiday on ICE’

Coverage of the House Committee Hearing where the new immigration detention facility in isolated Karnes City, Texas was described as a “holiday on ICE,” by Chairman Lamar Smith:

WASHINGTON — New Immigration and Customs Enforcement standards for detention centers — like the $32 million facility recently opened in Karnes City — drew criticism from House Republicans on Wednesday.

Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, led a chorus of GOP complaints against the ICE rules during a hearing mockingly called “Holiday on ICE.”

“The administration’s new detention manual reads more like a hospitality guideline for illegal immigrants,” said Smith, R-San Antonio.

Immigrant rights advocates called the GOP criticism cruel and accused Smith and GOP House members of treating undocumented immigrants as “less than human.”

Rights groups spoke with reporters as the House Judiciary subcommittee on immigration held an oversight hearing to review administration policy. The panel took no action.

“Labeling this hearing ‘Holiday on ICE’ is particularly offensive and demonstrates serious disregard for the abuses that so many detainees have had to endure,” said Cheryl Little, executive director of Americans for Immigrant Justice.

The new standards for detention facilities were prompted by documented cases of physical abuse of immigrants and, in some cases, sexual abuse of women, rights advocates said.  Read more …

One thought on “San Antonio Express News: House GOP calls new immigrant detention ‘Holiday on ICE’

  1. Come now, take a deep breath. Opposing ilgleal immigration does not automatically equate with hatred of ilgleal immigrants. One can certainly take the position that our immigration laws should be strictly enforced, while recognizing that most (not all!) of these immigrants are personally decent people trying to help their families out.But they should not break our laws to do so. Simple as that. Unless you know the hearts and attitudes of all the anti-immigration (really anti-ILLEGAL immigration) folks, you owe them the courtesy of not assuming bad intentions.

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