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Texas House of Representatives to Take Up SB4

The Texas Senate passed SB4 after ignoring 16 hours of testimony and the legal objections of Senators who challenged it on the floor of the Senate Chamber. Texas cannot afford to let SB4 become law.

Senate Bill 4 legislation that would likely:

  • ➢ Make us less safe because it ties the hands of police chiefs and sheriffs by preventing them from requiring their officers to focus on local law enforcement priorities.
  • ➢ puts law enforcement between a rock and a hard place by requiring local jails to choose between potentially violating the rights of US citizens by honoring all detainer requests from ICE and violating this proposed state law.
  • ➢ will create fear on our college campuses.
  • ➢ will undermine the Texas economy.
  • ➢ will discourage business from moving to Texas.
  • ➢ takes local public safety decisions out of the hands of locally elected officials. Requiring local law enforcement comply with a voluntary federal program flies in the face of local control and undermines local public safety.
  • ➢ blurs the line between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. This undermines community trust and drives victims and witnesses into the shadows.
  • ➢ prevents cities, counties, and other local government from setting up policies and practices that prevent racial profiling. This bill makes officers that racially profile LESS accountable for their actions.
  • ➢ Local law enforcement receives virtually no training on immigration law and enforcement. SB 4 encourages these officers to attempt to enforce immigration law despite this lack of training.
  • ➢ invites frivolous lawsuits against local government.
  • ➢ blurs the lines between suspicion of a violation of immigration law (as contained in an ICE immigration detainer request) and actual immigration violations.

Texas Businesses Join the Effort to Oppose SB4

SB4 is bad for the Texas economy. The Austin American Statesman, in an editorial published on Friday, February 3, clearly states the damage SB4 could do to the Texas economy:

“… SB4 creates a perception that Texas is anti-immigrant or perhaps racist, which could chill efforts to recruit the brightest and best talent from across the world, causing companies to think twice – if at all – about relocating to the Lone Star State.”

Join Texas businesses who know that passing divisive legislation like SB4 will hurt our economy and future as an economic juggernaut that makes Texas a state among nations. Sign this letter and support a strong Texas economy:

Businesses to 85th Texas Legislature: Support the Texas Economy

Texas Community Leaders Speak Out Against SB4

Leaders from Texas’s faith, law enforcement, business, and advocacy communities have all denounced SB4 as unnecessary and potentially damaging to our state and its economy. Read their testimonies delivered to the Senate Committee on State Affairs:

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar Letter to Bexar County Delegation
Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez Letter to the Senate State Affairs Committee Opposing SB4
Texas Border Coalition
(A Coalition of Border Mayors, County Judges, Economic Development Commissions, and Business Leaders)
Texas Border Coalition Opposes SB4
Texas Association of Counties SB 4 Adds Nothing to Public Safety, Puts Taxpayers at Risk
Bishop Vásquez, Bishop of Diocese of Austin SB 4 Opposition Testimony
Michael Barba, Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Senate Bill 4 Testimony
Pastor Tim Moore, Walk Worthy Baptist Church Senate Bill 4 Testimony
De Mott, McChesney, Curtright & Armendariz LLP Response Letter to AG Paxton Re: SB4
C. LeRoy Cavazos, San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Testimony Against SB4

Sign the United We Dream Petition

Join us by signing this petition to demand Texas legislators stand on the right side of history and oppose anti-immigrant legislation like Senate Bill 4. After signing the United We Dream petition, call these senators and let them know why you oppose it and want them to oppose it as well.

Stop Texas Lawmakers’ Attack on Immigrant Students. #StopSB4

United We Dream