The Daily Beast – An App for Immigrants: The Controversial Issue

On March 3, 2012, Terry Greene Sterling writes:

As a longtime Phoenix immigrant-rights activist, Lydia Guzman says she has fielded phone calls from thousands of immigrants and American Hispanics who were either searching for missing relatives that might have been ensnared in Sheriff Joe Arpaio

One thought on “The Daily Beast – An App for Immigrants: The Controversial Issue

  1. I’m Latino, Democrat, Gay, and I support this Arizona law!The fact is, ilgeall aliens have “more” rights than gay people. Illegal aliens can see their opposite sex partners in hospitals, and up until just 2 weeks ago when Obama signed an executive order allowing same-sex couples to see one another in hospitals, same sex couples would have been continually barred from seeing one another. Illegal aliens can marry an American citizen, gay people cannot marry in most states in the US. Illegal aliens can march on Washington and request some type of amnesty from a president who supports selective amnesty, gay people can march on Washington, but Obama doesn’t support same sex marriage.Illegal aliens broke the law entering our country and are using their anchor babies (born here in the US) to anchor onto benefits that taxpayers pay for which include: public housing, free rent, food stamps, Medicaid, unemployment, and Earned Income Tax Credit. Additionally,there’s nothing to stop them from having more kids in order to convince a judge to let them stay in the US. On the other hand, many states don’t allow gay Americans to adopt children.Illegal aliens should all be deported now. We need to end birthright citizenship, and deny ilgealls social services. Americans are ultimately left to pick up the bill for the billions in services they receive for free all the while paying nothing into the system and send all their earned money back to Mexico to help our their country, not ours.Citizens paying taxes into the system, regardless of sexual orientation, should come FIRST before ilgeall aliens who are leaving struggling Americans footing the bill. Illegal aliens are also blatantly disregarding our citizenship laws and are abusing the public assistance system to their advantage. This needs to stop NOW!

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